There’s a lot to say, but at the same time not much to say…

Paris is probably the one city outside of the Bay Area I could see myself being in for a while (if given the chance).

I spent most of my time jumping on Metro trains and skating around ducking into random shops/galleries that caught my eye.

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The hostel I stayed at had some pretty cool folks working the check-in/bar.  Interestingly all of their favorite spots around Paris were all parks where they could hide from tourists (I don’t blame them).

Such a romantic city for me and my bae

I did the typical tourist traps:

Even though nobody had Americano on the menu, they all knew what I was ordering.



Royal with cheese. and beeeer.
Pho was pleasently amazing
Just when I thought I was cool. This dude shows up.



Paris was cool.  So much to see, and so much character in every corner.  The locals felt like New Yorkers – they carried themselves in a similar manner that everyone seems like they’re busy doing something — got places to be.  But pleasant after ‘breaking’ that wall.

Two and a half days was definitely not enough to explore.  I was kicking myself not joining one of those tours around the Louvre.  From peaking into some of the tours, the stories were less about the actual pieces, but moreso the importance of why they’re there and have been preserved for all these years.  It was pretty neat.


And with that I’ll leave this post with my favorite thing I saw in Paris.

I half-assed wish I knew more about this piece in particular.  But I loved the imagery this piece showed.

Back to Barcelona I go.

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