Grange was a month ago now and its gone almost as fast as it came. 

The only “proof” that I was on track.

If you’ve kept up with my IG stories, you know that I had some hiccups during my pilgrimage to Grange.  All in all I got about 8 laps in…  Which isn’t much, but honestly it was probably the best 8 laps I’ve had in about 5 years driving my car.

Weekend spent most of my time like this.

The last time Lola has been to Grange, she did not perform well at all. Her old rack was all over the place… errr, rather stayed one place and I was all over the place. The old steering rack was an old powersteering unit that I had plugged up. And after some 8 years of old fluid in the gears (that had probably dried out), she was giving me a real hard time sliding around that trip. So I knew I’d be back with a proper setup, and here I was.

Gary’s car is a great example of how a clean corolla is to look like

So this trip with the new setup had its own challenges, all of which were easily address-able.  Just my execution at the end of the day was not up to par and left me stranded quite a bit as you see above. 

But hey, I’m a corolla dude through and through.  There’s a reason why “ROLLA LIFE” is such a thing.  These cars can be testy on their owners when the execution sucks.  And I did get hit hard this time around.  Only saving grace for me was the few laps I got in not caring about my waterpump and motor did Lola really perform and gave me a taste of what I’m missing out on.  That and how amazing towing is.

What bit me in the ass was leaving late (a bit too much partying the night before lol), getting caught in ridiculous traffic, and then my waterpump deciding to play stupid games.

I still can’t believe this actually happened……..

It was either, continue destroying the water pump at this point… or not. The water pump was already toast, so “fuck it” I decided.

The water pump did indeed hold up for those 8 glorious laps.

And thank god I towed. No way was I making this trip out of Fremont otherwise.

I’ll be back.

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