La Fiestas

Every year, my mom’s home town La Cañada throws a big ‘ol party that lasts for 4 days straight – most nights until 3-4am, and the last night at 6am Monday morning.

Family. Tio Chave, Abuelo, Abuela, My mum, Sophia, me, Jessica

My mother was born in La Cañada, My grandfather was born there, his grandfather was born and raised there… it goes as far as my great-great-great grandparents to this little town in Mexico.

A little background on my family and my grandfather’s story.

My abuelo grew up modestly. A bit better off than most in his town for their time as he got to sleep on wood boards rather than the typical mat that most others had to resort to. All of the roofs at the time were all made from a tough straw material that also worked as fencing. Meat was only available once a week. No plumbing for sewage, not much work either.
Life wasn’t all that great for my grandparents at the time…

Humble beginnings.

Due to his town’s lack of work and fairly rough conditions, they were given preference for the Bracero’s Program in the 60’s. He came across the border to work months at a time picking fruit, working the fields, etc. The program eventually ended, and citizenship was not provided… But the work was still up here in the states. Him now having a family to feed, he kept crossing the border to work.

Eventually he was able to gain a legal status to work and stay in the states and then brought the family up to California.

My abuelo lead a fulfilling life. He worked hard, provided for his family, lived that “American Dream”.

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